How does it work?

Craftinga helps artists and crafters get more exposure by listing and promoting their products to our art & craft community and by redirecting potential buyers to their own site or marketplace to close the sale.

Your part


Register in just 4 easy steps. Fill in your info with your shop link, email, and your name, and choose your plan (FREE or PREMIUM).

Craftinga’s part


We will import up to 20 of your items into our Catalog.

For that, we will use the shop link that you fill in the Registration step.


We’ll create the buzz and attract visitors interested in art&craft-related products so that your products will be seen by a relevant audience.


We’ll redirect the potential buyers to your dedicated site or any marketplace where you have your product listed to close the sale.

+ Paid Premium Plan

Interview + Social feature

Landing an interview and promote your business on our Blog.

Feature your business on all of our Social Media Accounts (that is more than 70K followers).