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The embroidered Cake

The beautiful, blossoming buttercream cakes

We love the unique collection of Tapestry Cakes.

by Cristian I.

The “flour child”

We love cakes and we love parties!

One special moment is when the Happy Birthday song is accompanied by a surprise.

And yes, a cake that looks like an embroidered pattern will seize the moment.

The cake artist Leslie Vigil from the Southern California took it to another level.

Her tasty cakes have a tapestry-like surface decoration and the symmetrical patterns, simple and colorful are enchanting the eyes.

The Embroidered CAke

Leslie work has been featured in many important magazines.

And it was for a reason.

The stylized three-dimensional embroidered patterns make you grab the nearest fork just to have a taste.

Or maybe two, or three..

Whatever, let’s enjoy the sweetness.

For the latest work, have a look on her Website or Instagram.